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Rehab United Seattle

​Ready to Discover A Solution to Your Pain?
By booking a full 1-hour long assessment with one of our doctors, we will help you get answers to your questions about why you are injured and get a custom plan for how to get back to being pain-free and strong. 

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Physical Therapy

We do more than just treat your symptoms. Here at Rehab United, we focus on treating the causes of your condition. We emphasize improved function, restoration of flexibility and mobility, and help each patient reach their goals with customized programs.

Custom Orthotics

Our foot specialists make custom orthotics using a comprehensive weight bearing and non-weight bearing assessment, creating a device that is specific to your foot and designed to effectively align your body to function optimally.


With virtual (telehealth) appointments, you can establish or continue care from a therapist from the comfort of your own home. Now at Rehab United Seattle, your care is more accessible than ever.


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Our Insurance Coverage

Rehab United Seattle is a contracted provider with many major PPO/POS plans, Tricare, Medicare, Workers Compensation, and accepts auto claims with MedPay coverage. For patients with policies that we are not contracted with, we offer competitive self-pay options to enable elective access to quality care.

Come in Limping, Leave Us Living

If you’ve suffered an injury you might be wondering what your options are for getting back to physical activity and your favorite sports. Walking up and down the streets in Seattle can be painful at best. Before you give up or give in, schedule an appointment with Rehab United and let us assess your situation. Physical therapy may be all you need to get back to being yourself again. We can help and are here to get you back to active living.

Complete Recovery is Our Goal

Surgery may repair a tear in your shoulder or reattach a tendon in your knee, but if you stop there, your body may limit you for life. Too often we see people get surgery to fix a problem and live with limits for the rest of their life. You deserve better. You CAN return to being you with a quality care plan that includes experienced physical therapists devoted to the active person and their needs. Our goal is to get every patient back to 100%. We focus on getting you back where you belong: On the court, on the trail, in the gym, or wherever your activity takes you in life.



Thank you for visiting Rehab United Seattle, and welcome! We are excited that you're here and look forward to meeting you. To help you get to know us, here are a few words from our very own Clinic Director and co-owner, Kelly Vanhove.