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Online Back Pain Workshop

Are you in search of a natural way to fix your back pain? Does back pain leave you fearful of bending, squatting, or going for a walk?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then join us for a virtual back pain workshop that will teach you how to ease your low back pain. 
Ongoing every Thursday starting 4/9/20 at 12:00 pm. 
Virtually with Zoom meeting 

Who is the Workshop For?

  • You get back pain with everyday activities like sitting, standing, walking, bending, or lifting -or-

  • You have difficulty sleeping at night or feel stiff in the morning -or-

  • Your unable to attend in person care due to Social Distancing or “Stay at Home” ordinance

  • You've had back pain of a long time that hasn't gotten better with other treatments -or-

  • You’ve had past episodes of back pain that get better, but then you have flare-ups and the pain comes back. -or-

  • Your back pain seems to come and go without an identifiable cause.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • Natural ways to reduce back pain that doesn't include medication or injections.

  • Easy replicable home exercises for you to complete on your own. 

  • Q&A time with an experrt physical therapist that specializes in back pain 

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