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Meet the Team

Since we opened in 2017, our Rehab United Seattle family has grown from a team of two to a team of four staff members! Our "cRUw" is key to our success as an organization and we truly take pride in the family we've built over the years.

Caitlin Cooney, PT, DPT, FAFS

Physical Therapist

Caitlin Cooney_edited_edited.jpg

Hometown: Madison, Connecticut

Education: BS in Psychology, Biology McDaniel College 2007, DPT Franklin Pierce University 2014

Sports: Soccer

Hobbies: Hiking, backpacking, camping, bicycling, kayaking, weight lifting, yoga, baking, painting, singing, playing piano, foraging, soon to be rollerblading around Greenlake!

Favorite Foods: Nearly any curry, nearly any grilled food, blueberries, New Haven style pizza, key lime pie, sushi

Who You Admire / Favorite Mentor: I admire the loving, compassionate, discerning, powerful and empowering teachers and guides on my spiritual path including Chiyona Indriya and Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon.  In the movement/functional world I admire Gary Gray who is not only brilliant, he also leads with love and authenticity. I also admire Antoni Gaudi for his incredible architecture weaving nature, sacred geometry and structure in a whimsical way.

Nickname: CC, Coonex, Cooney

Fun Fact About You: The Sound of Music is my favorite musical/movie. For my birthday while studying abroad in undergrad, my friends blindfolded me, helped me up on a train, and gave me clues to the tune of ‘do-re-me’ for where we were going. We ended up in Salzburg, Austria, and went on a Sound of Music tour. 

Biography: Caitlin has been a Physical Therapist since 2014, practicing in Seattle since 2017.  She has worked in a variety of settings including Home Health, Outpatient, Skilled Nursing Facilities and specifically with residents in Assisted Living Facilities. She has worked as a travelling PT, exploring the coast of Oregon, New Mexico and further north in Skagit Valley.  In PT school, Caitlin and a classmate created a foosball tournament with prizes for the winners, as well as an egg hunt study activity with creative questions and answers to help others have more fun while studying.  She lead the volunteer arm of her school one year as well as played soccer with classmates. In Seattle she has played on a co-ed soccer league, volunteered at the Beacon Food Forest, and remains engaged with her spiritual community.  Caitlin has experienced the breadth of PT, and is focusing further into the depth of human movement, currently in the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) Fellowship, studying Applied Functional Science.

Caitlin enjoys being active, trying new things, exploring new places, and being in nature. She enjoys being by the water, in the mountains, and enjoys the outdoor playground that WA state offers. She is passionate about sustainability and care for the earth, as well as using ancient metaphysical teachings and tools to connect with and empower others.  She enjoys competition, and pushes herself physically whether through weight lifting, bicycling up hills, or challenging hikes. She enjoys time with friends, grilling, lounging about, going to shows, traveling, being active, or making up silly songs together.   

Caitlin has a kitten, Maxxie, who is just over 1 year old. He is half maine coon, and fingers crossed has stopped growing.  If she could have a super power, it would either be time traveling to explore past civilizations, or flying. She chose Rehab United to work with an active population in Greenlake while utilizing an Applied Functional Science approach to get to the root of people’s impairments, all while having fun.

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