Meet the Team

Since we opened in 2017, our Rehab United Seattle family has grown from a team of two to a team of four staff members! Our "cRUw" is key to our success as an organization and we truly take pride in the family we've built over the years.

Carly Crooks

Front Office Assistant

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Hometown: Spokane, WA

Education: UW Seattle, BA in English Literature and Creative Writing; Graduating June 2023

Sports: Dance

Hobbies: Writing, reading, biking, quilting

Favorite Foods: All things cheesy!

Who You Admire / Favorite Mentor: My high school French teacher was an incredibly kind, creative, and inspiring person! While being a teacher isn’t one of my ambitions, I hope I can be someone like her in other aspects of my life.

Nickname: Carl/Carls

Fun Fact About You: 

I’ve written a full-length novel, but I’m still working up the courage and motivation to go back and edit it for an attempt at publishing!


Carly was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, but weekend trips to Seattle were a frequent part of her childhood. Her parents enrolled her in a dance class at the age of five, and she continued taking classes in various styles until joining a competitive high school drill team. She also took an early interest in reading and writing, but unlike her two journalist parents, she preferred writing fictional stories over reporting real ones.


She moved to Seattle in 2019 to attend the University of Washington, where she spent time exploring a wide range of topics—from graphic design to accounting to architecture—until she settled on pursuing a degree in English, which she plans to complete in June of 2023. Continuing her love for dance through college, Carly joined and eventually came to lead THE KOMPANY, a student dance group at the University of Washington that centers around the dance styles of K-Pop. Though she doesn’t know what career she wants to pursue after graduation, she hopes she can stay involved in the dance community by coaching or choreographing for a high school dance team in the area in her free time.


While attending high school in Spokane, Carly also had the opportunity to work the front office for a large network of public health clinics, where she came to love the atmosphere of administrative healthcare work. Carly is excited to work in healthcare once again with Rehab United because she loves the experience of helping patients get the care they need.