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Physical Therapy. Injury Prevention.

We are more than happy to announce our partnership with Emerald City Football Club. As their top medical provider, we provide free injury consultations, expert advice, physical therapy services, and help with referrals to other medical professionals as needed. We are proud to partner with ECFC as we feel we match their core values and mission to hel all their athletes develop both on and off the field.

Download our reports below that provide detail on exercises for specific injuries!

Ankle Sprain Report

Knee Pain Report

Lower Back Pain Report

Muscle Sprain Report

Shin Splints Report

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Hollenbaugh, Hank

"Great People. Fantastic Place. I am extremely happy with my experience at Rehab United. I had a complication after knee surgery and Kelly developed a program to treat it efficiently and effectively. He was constantly adjusting to my progress, worked me hard, and was always positive and encouraging. He sets the tone for the facility and the other therapist, who seemed to be working very effectively with their patients as well. Finally, Rachael at the front desk was always professional and efficient. There is a big difference in the quality of physical therapy and these guys top notch."

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