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No Knee Pain Virtual Workshop:

4 Simple Strategies to Reduce Knee Stiffness

An Online Workshop to Help You Take Back Your Life

Join us for a virtual workshop to help you find relief from knee pain.
Check out this video from Owner and Clinic Director,
Kelly Vanhove, PT, DPT, ATC, FAFS, for more information.
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Wednesday, December 16th
6:00 PM
Live on Zoom! Register to get meeting details.
Limited spots available!

Who is the Workshop For?

  • You are currently suffering from knee pain that limits your daily activities.

  • You avoid stairs or squatting at all costs due to your knee pain.

  • You’ve lost motion and function in your knee.

  • You’ve tried medications and injections without success for your knee pain.

  • You are serious about making knee pain a thing of the past.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • 3 simple stretches to reduce stress to your knee.

  • Proper techniques on how to squat to help reduce your knee pain.

  • Proper soft tissue application.

  • How your knees may not be the cause of your knee pain.