Massage Therapy

Rehab United takes great pride in taking a collaborative approach to treatment across all the services that we offer. Our massage therapists work in conjunction with our physical therapists and Fit Societe coaches to deliver a treatment plan that best serves your needs.

Scheduling a session with one of our massage therapists to specifically address your soft tissue limitations can be the key to finally restoring your function and freedom of movement.
Our massage therapists at Rehab United are some of the best in the business, all having extensive experience in working with injuries and athletes. If you’re currently a patient in physical therapy, chances are your PT is incorporating hands-on or manual treatment time with you during your session, but is it enough? Oftentimes the 15-20 minutes of hands-on time your PT gets with you is just barely scratching the surface of the myofascial adhesion and restriction preventing you from progressing with your treatment. 
Team Approach

If a client is also a Rehab United Physical Therapy patient, our massage therapists work in conjunction with the treating physical therapist on staff to discuss optimal treatment strategies and outcomes for that client. When a client is referred from a treatment provider outside of Rehab United, our massage therapists may request permission to communicate with that treatment provider on any precautions or contra-indications to observe during massage sessions.


Rehab United Massage & Wellness evaluates each client individually to determine the optimal technique, or variety of massage techniques and accommodates specific client requests. Therefore, we offer the same pricing for all types of massage.

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Massage and Wellness services at Rehab United are considered cash-pay services and are not covered by insurance.

We are unable to provide procedure or billing codes.