Rehab United Massage & Wellness is different from other massage therapy wellness centers because we work in conjunction with our physical therapy and sports performance staff here in our clinics to offer the most comprehensive approach to wellness in San Diego.

Recovering from injury can be scary, but our team has the education and the on-site resources to help guide you through your return to functional living.


The same principles of Applied Functional Science® that separate our physical therapists from a “traditional” approach are used in guiding our massage therapists in crafting their treatment for your ailments. Whether you are seeking treatment to alleviate chronic low back pain, recover from a recent race, or get on-site massage at your work place to manage stress and fatigue, our practitioners have a breadth of knowledge in body mechanics, functional kinesiology, and tissue healing like no other and they are in constant communication with your physical therapist or fitness coach to always assure you are receiving the best possible treatment.

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Massage and Wellness services at Rehab United are considered cash-pay services and are not covered by insurance.

We are unable to provide procedure or billing codes.


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