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Neck Pain Workshop:

Four Easy Steps to Reduce Neck Discomfort and Pain.

Online Step by Step Guide to Help You Make Sense of Your Neck Pain
and Why You Are Still Suffering.

Check out this video from Owner and Clinic Director,
Kelly Vanhove, PT, DPT, ATC, FAFS, for more information.
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Thursday, August 20th
6:30 PM
Live on Zoom! Register to get meeting details.
Limited spots available!

Who is the Workshop For?

  • You are currently suffering from neck pain that limits your daily activities

  • You are unable to look over your shoulder without neck or nerve pain

  • You suffer from chronic headaches that are affecting your quality of life

  • You are constantly rubbing your shoulders to help your achy neck

  • You’ve tried medications and injections without success for your neck pain

  • You are serious about making neck pain a thing of the past.

By the End of this Workshop,

You Will Know:

  • How your posture can affect your neck pain

  • The one thing you should be stretching that you are not to ease your neck pain

  • The importance of the right pillow to ease your neck pain

  • How your office set-up can be increasing your neck pain