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Work from Home

Back Pain Solutions Workshop

Join us for a FREE 60-minute workshop to keep your back healthy and feeling good
while working from home. Check out this video from Owner and Clinic Director,
Kelly Vanhove, PT, DPT, ATC, FAFS, for more information.
Thursday, June 11th
6:30 PM
Live on Zoom! Register to get meeting details.
Limited spots available!

Who is the Workshop For?

  • You've been battling neck or back pain while working from home.

  • Your back or neck pain is affecting the rest of your day. 

  • Your back or neck pain is affecting your sleep at night. 

  • You've exhausted Dr. Google and Dr. YouTube's advice on ergonomics and back pain treatments 

  • You would like expert advice on how to ease your back or neck pain. 

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • 3 simple stretches to ease neck and back pain while working from home.

  • Proper ergonomics for your home office set-up. 

  • The ONE thing you're doing every day that might be increasing your back and neck pain.

  • Q&A time with an expert physical therapist that specializes in back & neck pain.

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