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Your First Visit

Welcome to Rehab United Seattle!  We are very excited to help you on your track to recovery and want to make your rehabilitation process as comfortable, efficient, and fun as possible considering the circumstances. We are confident that together we will achieve the results you are looking for! 

For your first visit, we ask that you check in 20 minutes early to begin your appointment on time. Here is some important information for your visit:

In order to begin your treatment, you must complete the registration documents (using black ink only) and provide the following for our records:

  •  Photo ID

  •  Insurance Card(s)

  •  Referral from Doctor

  •  Claims Adjuster Information (for Workers Comp and Auto Injury Patients)

  •  Medication List


If you are unable to print and complete the documents, please arrive 30 minutes early to complete the forms in our office. Failure to bring the required documents will delay the start of your treatment.

  • Wear something comfortable, as if you are going to the gym.

  • If you have a financial responsibility, please be prepared to make payment upon arrival.

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel this appointment, please give us 24-hour notice in order to avoid a late cancellation charge.


You are already on your road to recovery and we hope this makes things just a bit easier.  If you need any assistance with your initial paperwork, please feel free to contact our office and we'll be happy to help.


We are very excited to work with you! 

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