Are you an amateur or competitive athlete dealing with a nagging injury? Have you tried resting your injury with NO signs of recovery? Has your search in Google for rehab exercises led you down an unsuccessful path? Are you desperate to know what’s wrong and how to get back to your sport without pain?

Are you a hiker, skier/snowboarder, soccer player, recreational, amateur, or professional athlete who is currently frustrated by an injury, ache, or pain that just will not heal on its own? Then you are looking in the right place, as we are a clinic dedicated to helping athletes of all levels!

Doctors may not agree with us, but sports injuries should be taken seriously...even the minor ones like ankle sprains. After all, being injured stops you from taking part in something that is very important to you, or could lead to a worse injury if not treated properly.

Whether you’ve injured a calf muscle running, strained a hamstring playing soccer or softball, have a painful Achilles, twisted a knee or sprained an ankle on the basketball court, currently suffering shin splints or the dreaded ITB Syndrome, our team of therapists at Rehab United Seattle have surely seen and rehabilitated many athletes with your injury. As a matter of fact, we've put together "7 Recovery Plans – That Pro Athletes Use Everyday to Recover from a Sports Injury” to help you get started.  Just click "Get this Free Guide" below and the guide is all yours!

It’s no surprise to me that so many frustrated athletes are calling our clinic or walking (hobbling) through our doors asking for help. The reason is simple: most muscle and sports injuries can never heal properly if left alone. I know this from my years of working as a professional baseball trainer and therapist for the Chicago Cubs. We would work countless hours helping those athletes get back to their profession at the highest level.

No sports injury will truly heal on its own with the “R.I.C.E Principle”: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Your pain will probably dissipate with this application, but I guarantee it hasn’t resolved the issue that caused your sports injury.  The other issue we need to worry about that occurs with a sports injury is scar tissue that builds every day that you are resting, and is decreasing the mobility and function of the muscle or ligament, making it tight, stiff, inflexible and ready to tear again at any time. Unfortunately, this gets worse by the day and is the number one reason why most golfers, runners, soccer players, skier/snowboarders, hikers, and tennis/pickleball players breakdown within weeks of starting up again.

The key to preventing or relieving the pain for your current sports injury is to get evaluated by movement specialists, yes, a physical therapist, who has deep knowledge of the applied functional biomechanics of sports and sports injuries. When we evaluate athletes of all levels, we are not only assessing your current symptoms, but also the limitations that have led to your injury. This could involve looking at how your foot interacts with the ground, to how your hips and thoracic spine function in the three planes of motion during your sport. Once we have properly assessed you, this will then allow us to utilize our manual skills to loosen tight and restricted tissue, along with introducing the right sport-specific exercises to rehabilitate your injury. Upon completion of this process, we can guarantee that you will see an improvement and it will happen fast. Everything that I suggest is geared towards you being active again in your sport without the fear of re-injury.

We are a specialist clinic geared toward sports physical therapy treating recreational, amateur, and professional athletes. In our eyes, everyone is an athlete. Some play the game of life that involves being active with family and friends, others play in a club, while some play at the highest level. We as a team at Rehab United Seattle apply our knowledge of functional biomechanics to treat not just your symptoms, but the root cause of your injury.  

If you can say "YES" to any of the following, then the specialist service we provide is right for you:


  • You've noticed an annoying ache or sharp pain at your knee, shoulder, or ankle for more than 7 days

  • You have severe pain that limits your ability to walk, squat or go up and down stairs

  • Your pain limits your running, cutting, or pivoting during your sport

  • Your pain keeps you from performing at the highest level in your sport

  • You've experienced pain that keeps you from a full night of sleep

  • You value the enjoyment of exercise and strongly dislike the idea of being at rest

  • You would rather not take pain medication or get cortisone injections for your pain

If you said "Yes" to anything above, then you are a perfect fit for our specialized care at Rehab United Seattle and we will be able to help you achieve your goals!


Please click on the link below to contact us and we look forward to helping you get your sport.

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