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About Us

Our history drives our future. 

From San Diego to Seattle

Rehab United Seattle is California sun with a touch of the Emerald City.  Rehab United was born in San Diego via brothers Sean and Bryan Hill after a sports injury left Bryan needing extensive physical therapy. During this traumatic injury, a passion for physical therapy was born—a passion that has led Rehab Untied to be the leader in physical therapy for the San Diego area.

Rehab United expanded to Seattle in 2017 after Bryan met Kelly Vanhove in the summer of 2015. They connected over their passion for physical therapy and their desire to help people live a more active and independent life free from pain, stiffness, and medications. This passion is founded on the idea that every person is an individual and their therapy program should reflect that. The Brothers Hill and Kelly agreed that they would emphasize the principles of Applied Functional Science, allowing them to assess every patient in a functionally-specific manner both globally and specifically. In this process, we are able to asses our patients’ biomechanics and determine where deficiencies exist in their functional movement patters and how those impairments are leading to their symptoms. By utilizing a functional-specific assessment, we are able to provide our patients an individualized plan of care that will allow them to live the life they want free from pain, stiffness, and medications.

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