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RunDNA Running Analysis

Note: If considered medically necessary, our running analysis may be covered by your insurance. If not medically necessary, we offer competitive rates to ensure that all athletes have access to valuable insights that can reduce injury and increase performance.

What is 3D RunDNA Analysis?

Our RunDNA Analysis is a biomechanical running analysis system that utilizes 3D capture technology to generate a digital rendering of a runner's gait in real time.


This specialized software provides a detailed and accurate view of how the body moves as athletes run, providing valuable insights on:

  • Stride Length / Efficiency

  • Cadence

  • Trunk Lean

  • Hip Drop

  • Foot Landing

  • and more!

Gold Standard Technology

Go beyond 2D video gait analysis to get the information and results you need. ​​With our 3D RunDNA Analysis, we can provide athletes with individualized training plans in minutes using Gold Standard technology and evidence for mobility, strength, power, and running form for runners of all abilities to keep you running healthier, stronger, better.

Benefits of a 3D RunDNA Analysis

  • Recover from injuries and take your running to the next level

  • Prevent or reduce future injuries

  • Get live feedback on your form

  • Outrun your personal record

Did You Know?

Improving running economy by 5% leads to a 3.8% improvement in performance in distance events. A 4-hour marathoner can save 9+ minutes.

Interested in Scheduling?

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Insurance coverage for RunDNA Running Analysis is dependent on medical necessity and may require a medical diagnosis by a medical provider. Additionally, coverage for this service may vary based on your insurance carrier or your specific plan. For 

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