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Bike Fitting

Why choose bike fitting services at Rehab United?

At Rehab United Seattle, your bike fitting will be performed by a Physical Therapist, someone who specializes in sport specific movement and biomechanics. Bike fits done at shops around the country are also applied by amazing professionals, however they focus most entirely on improving performance.


At your bike fit with RU, our highly trained specialists will perform a detailed evaluation and modify your setup to alleviate any pain or dysfunction that is resulting from a poorly fitted bike. Often times, it’s the difference of a few millimeters than can make a large impact on comfort and pain on the bike, especially on those longer rides or mountain bike climbs.


Our goal will always be to address your specific concerns and get you back to pain free cycling!

What to Expect at Your Bike Fitting:

  • A cycling specific physical therapy evaluation to address your orthopedic concerns, including flexibility, mobility, and muscle strength testing

  • Bring your bike and any gear you need! You will be riding on a trainer in the clinic during the exam.

  • Adjustments for re-positioning of handlebars, cleats, saddle height, seat fore/aft, stem, etc.

  • Static and dynamic assessment of cycling form and posture

  • Exercise prescription to address any deficits in strength/mobility to improve pain free cycling

About Our Bike Fitting Specialist:

Chris Cheek is one of our senior physical therapists at RU Seattle and is an ICE Certified Pro Bike Fitter.


His extensive background in strength and conditioning, personal training, as well as a love for endurance sports has led him to become more involved in treating the local Seattle cycling community.

Interested in Scheduling?

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