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Meet the Team

Since we opened in 2017, our Rehab United Seattle family has grown from a team of two to a team of four staff members! Our "cRUw" is key to our success as an organization and we truly take pride in the family we've built over the years.

Rachael Severtson

Clinic Operations Manager

Rachael Severtson.jpg

HometownSeattle, Washington

Education: King’s College London – MSc in Global Health & Social Justice; University of Redlands – BS in Biology, BA in French

Sports: Ultimate Frisbee

Hobbies: Drawing, baking, television and all kinds of games: role playing, board and video.

Favorite Foods: Thai, French, Vietnamese, and Mexican. Will eat cookies and French pastries until sick.

Nickname: Rach or Ray

Who You Admire / Favorite Mentor: Lady Gaga, for her unrelenting commitment to creativity, compassion and acceptance and her ability to design and execute an absolutely epic concert.

Fun Fact About You: I am a dual British-American citizen. Very upset that Brexit dashed my dreams of living and working in Paris.

Biography: Rachael was born in Chicago but moved to Seattle when she was two years old. She grew up in the Emerald City and has watched it grow and change drastically over the past 25+ years. The only times Rachael has lived outside of Seattle were to attend school. She completed her undergraduate studies in Redlands, CA, and completed her Master's degree in London, England. Rachael’s educational experience was highly interdisciplinary, encompassing biology, chemistry, language, arts, philosophy, and social science.


Outside of work, Rachael enjoys cooking and baking and is always experimenting with new recipes. She is also an avid artist that utilizes different mediums. Most recently, she has been trying her hand at creating dog portraits with a pastel pencil. Rachael is always up to participate in friendly competition and loves to host game nights. Rachael currently shares an apartment with her older brother, Sam, and her adorably fluffy black cat, Teddy.


Rachael has dabbled in many different professional settings, including social science research, clinical trial support, and customer service. Before transitioning to RU, Rachael managed an urban dog care facility in South Lake Union. Rachael has always had an interest and passion for health and wellness. She has volunteered in numerous healthcare settings but this is her first job in healthcare administration. Rachael is excited to join the RU family!

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